Nintendo World Championship – The Flip I didn’t see coming

By Hardy
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Feb 13th, 2014

This week I haven’t been very active on my blog. The reason being that I have been in negotiation and finally closed the deal on what could be the biggest flip of my life. The main reasons I made this blog was to underlay the steps I took in order to be successful. I hoped to create a story of moving from Amazon into my own physical store front and show the steps someone could take to do it themselves. This passed week I did not think once that one of the rarest video games of all time,t he holy grail of video gaming, Nintendo world championship, would come walking into my life. But before I can get to its value I have to tell you how this incredibly rare game came into my possession.

It was a weekday night like every other. I had just gotten done playing dayz with my friends and had gone to my amazon account to handle some customer support and print of shipping labels. Upon looking through my inventory I had noticed that I was getting quite bare and should restock some new inventory ASAP. Michigan winters offer a tough time to obtain games so I did what I normally did and posted a Facebook status letting everyone know that I had cash in hand if they were interested in selling me some video games. Not only had this worked in the past to get more games to add to inventory, it also provided an awesome way to pick up new games to add to my own personal collection. After posting it the normal stuff started popping up “Nintendo DS games, some wii games, a couple nintendo games.” Nothing too spectacular but inventory indeed that I decided to pick up. Everything seemed to die down when I got a message from someone interested in selling some of their Playstation 2 games. We messaged back and forth discussing prices when I asked if they had any other games, possibly Nintendo games. He told me he did in fact and he would take a picture of them after dinner. I didn’t think much of it but after he got back and messaged me this horrible quality picture I noticed something in the left hand corner.


“Could that be what I think it is?” I thought in my head. I have been doing this for a while but only heard stories about the rarity of this game. “No it couldn’t possibly be.” I thought. I had just talked to my dad the day before about the day when I would come across my best find and it would change the game for good. Thoughts began flashing through my head. Is this really a copy of Nintendo World Championship that stumbled into my hands? Before I said anything to him I frantically took the image to Google to do a back trace. People troll all the time and this was probably another instance I thought in my head. But sure enough after I ran the image through Google it came back with 0 results.

“Before I do anything I have to know if this is real” I thought to myself as a quickly posted a thread titled “URGENT am I being trolled, has anyone seen this image before!? My facebook friend responded to a post and one of the games in the lot…..” to r/gamecollecting asking people to identify if they’ve seen this image before. After numerous people commented how they have never before seen this image I began to think of the possibility that this game actually might be in this persons possession. Users began giving me ideas on how to go along.

“I would offer $100 and see what happens. Just act like you don’t even see that possible NWC cart. You MUST follow up to this post.”Whaaaat, I’ve never seen this picture, but I’ll do a quick search. This would be insane. Nothing on reverse google image search.”

We negotiated back and forth over the price of the games prior, but now that a big dog was in play I had to deal with it differently. I didn’t want to trigger anything that set the person off to the actual price of the game yet I didn’t want to entirely rip him off. What would people think when he found out the game was worth thousands of dollars yet I only gave him 100? Would people stop bringing me games and would I lost my credibility? The only thing I knew would be fair was to let him have a day to research the prices, we would talk the next day and agree on a price.

The next day couldn’t come quicker… but as I messaged him I noticed his tone had shifted from the day prior. Before it was when could he get the money, now it seemed as if he couldn’t possibly take the time to reply. Going back and forth we finally agreed on 150$. I had given him time to research and now that he has it wouldn’t phase me when I gave him 150$ “So when shall we meet to do the exchange?” I said. “Tomorrow is fine” he replied “but i’m going to have to hang onto Nintendo World Championship, because I recently found out it was worth 4,000.” My heart dropped in my chest… but quickly started racing again as a quickly glanced at the end of his sentence. “Wait…4000?” I thought to myself. “That’s not right?” I had been reading a news article that the game itself has recently been sold for 22,000. But heck I wasn’t arguing, after frantically asking him questions on if he really was trolling me he sent a picture of himself holding the game.”

I offered him 1k on the spot cash money. He stated that he couldn’t possibly go lower than 2,000 but soon raised it to 2.5k. I wanted this game. I REALLY WANTED THIS GAME. I DIDN’T JUST WANT THIS GAME… I HAD TO HAVE IT. You see Nintendo World Championship doesn’t just walk into a goodwill every Tuesday night  or in that pickers stuff at the flea market. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I had to capitalize on this deal before he realized what he had. Nintendo World Championship is the holy grail of video game for a reason. A little under 200 are actually known to exist and some think that very few of the ones that haven’t surfaced yet are still around.

I messaged him as subtle as a could without alerting him to the face of how much I wanted this game and we finally scheduled a meeting time to do the transaction. He would come to my house and I would test the game out playing through all the levels and I would finally have my friend Dave open the game up to verify its authenticity (NOTE: To others who may open a game like Nintendo World Championship up remember to not expose the EPROM chips to UV lights because this will cause them to lose data!) After playing through the game and opening it up we had confirmed that it was real…. In my hand was Nintendo World Champion chip… the mother of all games and the epitome of my video game timeline.

Now was the fun part… We had agreed on 2,500 for the game along with a handful of other Nintendo games as well as PlayStation games but everyone knows that we had to negotiate. When you have over 2000 dollars eyeing you down it was hard to turn down a lesser number. Going back and forth we finally agreed on 2,350 heck it might of not been the least i’d like to give but I did shave 150 dollars off my initial cost….

I had done it…. I had acquired Nintendo World Championship.


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2 Responses to “Nintendo World Championship – The Flip I didn’t see coming”

  1. Ryan says:

    That is an awesome find! Thanks for sharing, and hope you get big bucks on that ebay listing.

  2. Hardy says:

    No problem! If you know someone who is interested in selling it I’m always willing to do a personal transaction for a lot lower then I would ask on eBay! Glad you got lunch for it!

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